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What Makes BarSight Better?

BarSight is dedicated to provide innovative solutions, at affordable pricing to the hospitality industry.

How Good is BarSight, Really?

Let's see how even the basic version of BarSight stacks upto the others, apples to apples.

  7Shifts WhenIWork BarSight
Weekly Scheduling Limited
Schedule Templates  
Automatic Schedule Forecast    
Employee Availability and Time Off
Employee Communication Limited
Export Payroll  
Manager Log Book  
Accounts Payable    
Online Training    
100% Canadian    

Unlimited Scheduling

With BarSight, you can schedule as far in advance as you want to. With other scheduling programs, they limit you to 10 days in advance, unless you pay them more!

Theres no tricks up our sleeves, schedule as many shifts in as many days as your business requires!

Can You Hear Me?

Be sure your employees are getting the message. With each message sent to employees from BarSight, you can see who's read the message, and who hasn't. Just like other popular messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger an WhatsApp.

Other apps use text messages, that also cost you money to send messages that your not even sure are being read!

Payroll Ready

What good is scheduling, if you can't use that data to export to your payroll provider? Your only saving yourself half the work by doing that.

All employee hours worked are confirmed and posted by your managers/supervisors, which in turn can either generate a spiffy excel file to send to your payroll department, or directly sync up with your Square account. All at no additional fee!

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