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Digital Menu Boards

Create and manage digital signage in your restaurant with BarSight.


Get Your Customers Attention

Digital Menu Boards have soared in popularity in recent years, with good reason!  Animating your announcements catches the eye of your customers, leading to better sales.

No Update Fees

Traditional menu board companies on the market will charge you a flat fee, for every update you do.  Have a daily feature?  That could cost you with the other guys, not with BarSight!  You pay a low monthly subscription fee, with as many updates as you want to at no extra cost.

Customizable Designs

Our menu boards use standard HTML to display, and come pre-loaded with an elegant design and animation features.  For a design that meets your unique branding style, our menu boards can read from custom CSS and JavaScript files.

Full Service Install Available

BarSights' Digital Menu Boards are available to be installed locally in BC by Inuk Electrical Services, including running 120v to your display screen.  Each install varies in price and is separate from your subscription fee.

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