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Accounts Payable Reporting

A sleek and efficient way to keep track of expenses when running a restaurant is with BarSight Restaurant Systems expense reporting module.


Accounts Payable

Keeping track of expenses when running a restaurant or bar is crucial, but comes with its own challenges.  Don't spend hours crafting up a fancy spreadsheet, or try using a clunky Google Forms, BarSight has you covered with our sleek Accounts Payable system.  It's easy to use, validates to prevent double entries, and generates reports for a streamlined process.

Vendor List

Create, edit, and view the purchase history of all your vendors.  Every time an invoice entered, it's attached to a vendor from your list.

You'll be able to keep a close eye on purchase history and see where you can save money.


Every invoice requires the user to enter in an invoice number, this helps prevent double entries and costly accounting errors.

Petty Cash

Did you send Sarah to go get limes from the grocery store?  Keeping track of these receipts can be a hassle to process.  That's why with BarSight, there is also a separate form for Petty Cash entries.

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