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HR Software for Restaurants

What's the best way to manage employees? When it comes to running a restaurant, there are many challenges that come with employee management, let BarSight help take the load off.


Employee List

Your employees are the heart of your business, and the focus with BarSight is making sure you have all the right tools to keep your employees happy, and your business moving.

Hire new employees, update roles and wages, lookup employee phone numbers and emails, even upload documents (such as PDF files) to be stored on our encrypted server.

You can set specific permissions for each employee to help delegate the workload.  If you need your Shift Leaders to enter time-sheet data, but not able to enter invoices, you can do that all with the employee list in BarSight.

Employee Availability

Some employees are in school, while others are only weekend warriors.  Every employee has the option to set their availability, which passes through our validator when your scheduling.  That way, no more missed shifts, or disgruntled employees because of a scheduling conflict.

Employee Availability Features

Time Off Requests

Do your employees leave you time off requests on the back of a coaster, or scribbled on a receipt?  Leave that nightmare behind!

With BarSight, employees can easily make time off requests that show up for you on a calendar.  You'll be able to see who else has already requested that day off, and either approve or decline the request based on your business needs.

Is there a special holiday coming up?  You can blackout certain days to prevent getting flooded with requests.

Time Off Request Features

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