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How to Plan Multiple Beer Batches with BarSight's Brewery Inventory Management Software

Managing a brewery involves juggling multiple tasks, including planning and forecasting inventory needs, keeping track of various beer batches in different stages of production, and packaging the final products for sale to retailers. In this article, we will discuss how BarSight's brewery inventory management software can help you streamline these processes while optimizing your operations for maximum efficiency.


Planning and Forecasting Inventory Needs

One of the key aspects of running a successful brewery is ensuring that you have the right amount of raw materials and finished products on hand at all times. With BarSight's brewery inventory management software, you can easily plan and forecast your inventory needs by tracking raw materials, finished products, and packaging supplies. This allows you to make informed decisions about when to order new supplies, helping you avoid overstocking or running out of crucial ingredients.

Managing Multiple Beer Batches in Various Stages

Brewing multiple beer batches simultaneously is a common practice in the industry. However, managing these batches can be challenging, especially when they are in different stages of production. BarSight's software allows you to easily manage multiple beer batches by providing a clear overview of each batch's status. You can track the progress of each batch from start to finish, ensuring that every step in the brewing process is completed on time and as planned.

One useful feature offered by BarSight is splitting beer batches. This allows you to divide a single batch of beer into two or more new batches, which can be helpful when you need to create variations of a recipe or accommodate different packaging options. To split a batch, simply choose the "Split Batch" option from the Batch Operations dropdown menu.


Packaging Beer for Sale to Retailers

Once your beer is ready for packaging, BarSight's software makes it easy to track and manage the process. Using the "View Packaging" button within the batch summary screen, to get taken to the batch packaging page.  From there you can add packaging groups, specify quantities, and assign lot numbers to each group. The system automatically generates a lot number that increases with each group added to the batch, but you can also input your own if you have a different method in place.

When all items have been selected and consumed by the packaging process, simply click the "Package Items" button to update your inventory and prepare the beer for sale to retailers. This streamlined process ensures that your brewery operates efficiently and effectively, allowing you to focus on creating high-quality products for your customers.


BarSight's brewery inventory management software offers a comprehensive solution for planning multiple beer batches, managing various stages of production, and packaging your final products for sale. By leveraging these tools and features, you can optimize your brewery's operations and ensure continued success in the competitive brewing industry.

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