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4 Employee Training Examples For Restaurants

Why is Employee Training Important?

In the land of Yelp reviews and Facebook neighborhood groups, your restaurants image is more public then ever.  Ensuring that each one of your staff members is properly trained to prepare, handle, and serve your food to the same standard, every time, is crucial.  So if you agree with us there, where do you start?  Well, lets break down a few example training modules you can build with BarSights Online Employee Training platform.

Dress Codes

Appearance is everything, isn't that the golden rule?  Well, at least not looking like a slob is a start I'm sure!  The first training module you can could create, is setting a standard of dress for your employees, especially the front line staff.  Depending on your restaurants style, you may request all servers wear black attire, or a company branded t-shirt.  Think about everything, from head to toe, on what should be expected of your employees attire.  Jewellery, headbands, hats, pants, and proper footwear.

Service Guidelines

Now lets think about the overall guests' experience of your restaurant, from start to finish.  How should the table be when they arrive?  Silverware already on the table, or wrapped up in cloth napkins and set down after the guests have been seated?  Are there drink menus on the table, or are all the menu items on a QR code.  Some of your servers might have years of experience, and others are brand new.  Take the time to explain the typical interactions your staff will have with your guests, and how to handle them.

By providing a complete start to finish timeline of events, your servers will (hopefully!) be able to provide a consistent level of service for your guests that will keep them coming back.

Whether your trying something new on the menu, or looking to promote a certain item, you'll benefit from having your staff trained up.  Describe some talking points on the item, where its from, the ingredients within.  If your staff are better prepared with some extra knowledge, they'll be more comfortable suggesting these specials to customers.

Policies and Procedures

What do you staff do when they've got a cut finger, or slipped and fell on a wet floor.  For every workplace incident, you will have to get the supervisor on duty and the employee to fill out paperwork.  It's important, and might even be required by your local authority, to ensure your employees know what to do in the event of a workplace incident.

Create a video or slideshow showing the proper procedure for cleaning the dishwasher, the oven exhaust vents, and how to lock up the bar at the end of the night.  If you want your staff to perform any extra duties while on shift, the training modules are a great place to explain expectations, and demonstrate the proper methods.

Extra Reading

If the thought of coming up with more ideas to train your restaurant employees is making you sweat a bit, we found an awesome resource that goes more into depth on creating effective training material.  Check out for some great ideas.

That's Just the Beginning

By now your head should be filled with ideas on what training modules you could create for your restaurant employees.  BarSight is a blank slate, ready for you to start creating.  Register today to get started.

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