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Choosing a Payroll Provider for Your Restaurant

Looking to keep your restaurant staff happy? One of the best things you can do is make sure they are paid properly, by hiring a company to handle your employee payroll. Outsourcing your payroll may seem like a daunting task, but there are lots of companies out there that make the process easy and almost automated.

We've got 3 reasons you should consider outsourcing your payroll.  That's not all, we've also got 3 of our top choices for payroll solutions.

Save Precious Time

Manually calculating government taxes, pension (such as CPP) and other deductions might be simple for one or two employees, but as your team grows, you’ll have less and less time to deal with these tasks. Use your time wisely by outsourcing your payroll to a professional company.

Compliance and Legalities

Unless you’ve gone to school and become a CPA yourself, you might not be aware of all the federal and provincial (or state) tax laws that affect your business and your employees pay. Using a 3rd party payroll provider can ease your mind, its their job to know what and how much money will be needed to be withheld from your employees pay, and how you submit the supporting documents to your correct tax agency.

Save Money By Spending Money

Payroll blunders can cost you and your business big-time, and sometimes those penalties can carry interest that can send you running for the hills. Think of your payroll provider as insurance; it’s a small price to pay but you are protected against making huge financial mistakes without them.

So who do you choose? Our top choices are...

Square Up

Square is our top choice for most of our clients (small restaurants, breweries, wineries), especially those in the United States. Their payroll software works together with their POS terminals, and as well BarSight also integrates our employee scheduling and accounts payable modules with their system for a seamless process.

Sage Accounting and Payroll

Sage is a great choice for larger restaurants with many employees or multiple locations. Depending on your business needs, sage offers their payroll services in both a traditional native desktop application, and a cloud (web) based application. The cloud based application is perfect for restaurants up-to 100 employees, and the desktop version is for those with more complex business structures.


A great Canadian option for your payroll needs is Payworks. Their dedicated staff are located across the country, and able to answer your payroll questions. We’ve been working with Payworks for years, so for most customers, the labour reports generated from BarSight can be imported directly to Payworks. For other businesses with more complicated reporting, you can contact our team to make any modifications nessecary.

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