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Feature Friday: Copy Recipe & Recipe Templates

Welcome to our weekly blog series, Feature Friday, where we showcase certain features of our software. Each week, we dive into a specific aspect of our software, and show you how it works as well as how to make the most of it. From time-saving shortcuts to innovative tools, Feature Friday will keep you in the know and help you make the most out of our software.


Brewery Production: Recipe Management

With our brewery recipe management software you can easily setup a recipe template or copy your existing recipes to speed up the recipe creation process.

  1. Set Up Your Template Recipe - Either start off with a blank recipe, or import from a BeerXML file, and tweak as needed.

  2. Create Your New Product - Select the New Product button from within the Recipe & Product editor and follow the prompts. Choosing a name, short name, style, and colour to help you distinguish your different brews.

  3. Choose Your Recipe - On the next screen, you'll be prompted to Create a New Recipe, at the bottom left select the Copy Recipe button to open up a new dialog box to allow you to choose any of your existing recipes. Find the recipe template that you created in step 1 and click Save

  4. Tweak & Brew - BarSight will copy the recipe and bring you to the recipe management screen, so you can alter the recipe as needed for your new product.


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