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How to Train Restaurant Employees Quickly

Lets face it, many staff members at restaurants are only there for a few weeks or months, so turnover can be high and costly. Restaurant owners need to find ways of training staff quickly and efficiently so they can provide the best possible service for their guests. This blog post is going to share some tips on how restaurant owners can get employees trained more quickly while saving time and money!

Get Your Paperwork In Order

Employment agreements, government tax forms, and other legal documents must be ready to go before your new hire starts their first shift. If you have to scramble around trying to get paperwork ready while your new staff member sits idly by, it's going to slow down the whole training process.

First Shift Expectations

Make sure your employee knows the dress code before they show up to their first shift. They should already be wearing proper footwear, and if they are working front of house - shirt and pants. Don't assume they'll know to bring these items right away.

Schedule Training Time

When a new hire starts, don't just throw them on the floor and expect them to perform well. Schedule time for training so you aren't forced to rush through all of their tasks when they first begin working. This will help avoid mistakes that could cost your restaurant money in lost sales or comped meals. Choose one of your top performers and give them a dollar or two extra 'training wage bonus' to take your new hire under their wings for a bit.

Train Your New Hires During The Slowest Hours

Train your employees during the slow hours of your restaurant. If you have a busy lunch rush and need them to cover the dinner shift, it's not going to be an efficient training session! Training can take longer than expected so don't schedule big events right before or after their shifts. Give your team plenty of time to go through your training program to eliminate stress. Think of it as 'Pay Once, Cry Once' as you don't want to keep wasting time and slowing down your restaurant operations to train and retrain.

Take Your Restaurant Policies Online

Restaurant policies are important, but if your employees don't know how to follow them properly you aren't going to save any time. Provide training for new hires on the proper way to fill out forms and other paperwork so they can get it right without having too many mistakes. Create a step by step walk-through or upload a video outlining each policy with our online training program for restaurants. Your new hires (and even existing staff!) can complete these training modules that you create, at home or during the slow hours.

Hire Those With Expierance

This one might cost you a bit more in hourly wages, but your paying for time savings. When hiring people with previous restaurant experience, they will already know the basics. They can be trained in your restaurant's unique policies and procedures to get them up to speed quickly!

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