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Not wanting to pay thousands for software?

Join our Brewery Management System Pilot.

We've started to build our own brewery management solution, join our panel of breweries that will help us build a truly amazing piece of software that suits your needs.

BarSight is proud to be a Certified Square Partner

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We already offer

Employee Scheduling

Schedule your employees and manage time off requests and availability changes.

Instant Messages

Send messages to all, groups, or individual employees, and see who's read them.

Online Training

Keep your employees upto date on new polices and procedures with your own custom built online training manuals.

Fans of BarSight

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BarSight is simple and easy to use. It's a great tool for scheduling and reporting! Extremely user friendly and the tech support is quick and friendly.

Sam / Camp Beer Co.

Hospitaltity focused software for restaurants, bars, breweries, and wineries

Creating A Schedule Is Easy

BarSight takes the hassle of scheduling your brewery employees. Each shift is validated against approved time off requests, employee availability, and local overtime rules

As you create your employee schedule, the estimated labor costs update right there on the screen.

BarSight will also compute the labor costs with your sales data from your POS terminal to give you a fully costed labor schedule

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