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Top 5 Uses For An Online Manager Log Book

An online manager log book is a crucial communication tool for your restaurant.  It allows you to accurately record important daily events, employee and customer behaviors, and even keep in compliance with local health regulations.  Historically, managers would keep a little black book in the back office, and write out everything in there.    While nothings wrong with good ol' pen to paper, it can become a hassle to quickly look things up from a week, month, or even years ago.  Trade in your old black book for BarSights Online Manager Log Book, and read on for more handy tips to get more out of your log book entries.

Daily Sales Log

One of the key log book reports to get setup is your Daily Sales, including other relevant day-to-day business figures to track your restaurants progress.  A typical daily sales log book could contain:

  • Total sales of the day from your POS terminal
    • This one is obvious, but also important as you'll base most of your decisions on this figure
  • Check count from your POS terminal
    • How busy was your restaurant, did you have more customers then usual or just a few bums in seats that spent more then average
  • Current weather
    • Record the weather in your daily sales log book so you can reference if it was sunny, rainy, or complete snowmageddon
  • Quick Notes
    • Miscellaneous notes that you may want to remind your or your team when reviewing these figures

Customer Complaints

In perfect world, there'd be no complaints - but since we're here in the real world, there will be a chance for a couple complaints to sneak up.  All minor or major events should be recorded with the issue at hand, customers contact information, and staff who were involved in the incident, and an actionable solution to the problem.  When its all said and done, you'll be able to contact the customer, explain what you and your team have done to fix the problem, and invite them back.  Throw in a gift card, or free dessert, and you'll have another happy customer on your hands.

Equipment Malfunctions and Service History

Have a dishwasher (the machine, not the staff member!) that constantly gives you headaches?  Make sure you record any ongoing issues in the online log book so you can easily reference it later when the repairman comes out.  By printing out a complete list of all the issues with a piece of equipment, you'll have a full list of items to be repaired, prevent forgetting an issue that might come to the surface later, and even save on additional service call out costs.

Not only useful for just equipment breakdowns, keeping an active log of service and repair history may also be required in your health district.  Sometimes they won't just 'take your word' for it!

Employee Commendations

It doesn't have to be all negative with the log book, create your own report that highlights the little wins each of your staff get.  It can be anything some small accomplishments, or that one time they went out of their way for the better good of your team.  Your manager log book can be a key part on creating a positive work environment.  All these commendations can be added up at the end of the month, for a monthly employee contest.

Free Templates Available

BarSight comes with a few ready-to-go free logbook templates.  Just click install and get going!

Theres Way More

With BarSights Online Manager Log Book, you can design your own reports to be filled out, with as many fields of data you wish to capture.  Each form can be required to be filled daily, on certain days, or completely optional.  All reports are easily displayed on screen or can be sent to your printer for review at meetings.

Register today to get started instantly, no credit card needed, and a free 30 day trail.  Online Manager Log Book comes standard with all subscription plans.

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