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Check Up: Keeping Employees Safe With Proper Training

Preventing Restaurant Injuries

WorkSafeBC lists that over 60% of food industry injuries involve kitchen staff, and that makes a lot of sense.  With knives, hot oven, and slippery floors the norm for most kitchens.  Once you add in young workers at their first or second job, that's a recipe for disaster.  Proper training and instruction can drastically reduce workplace incidents, which could also lower your WCB premiums, so really training saves you money!

Knowing the Hazards

To keep your workers safe, its a good idea to give all your new hires a walk-through of the location during their on-boarding.  You can use this opportunity to show them the equipment and tools that are around, and how to properly handle chemicals that they may use.  In Canada, it may even be required for your employees have passed a General WHMIS Training course.

Proper Equipment Use

Use BarSights Online Restaurant Employee Training Platform to design your own training modules that will educate your employees on proper use and general maintenance of the equipment in your restaurant.  Using a video or a slideshow, you can show the proper chemical to put in the glass washer, and how to route the suction hose for example.  By creating a training module for each piece of equipment in your restaurant, you'll be creating a safer work environment for your employees, and have documented proof that each employee has been properly trained.

Changing Public Health Policies

Agree or disagree with them, the orders of the public health are official and you'll need to make sure your staff kept upto date on the latest policy.  In minutes, you can create a training module that clearly lays out the current policy, and how that affects your employees' day to day operations.  With a simple confirmation question at the end of the module, you can be sure that each employee has read and understood the policy.

More Tips For Training

We've got more tips for creating restaurant employee training modules for our platform.  Just click the link and get some more ideas!

Ready To Get Started?

BarSight has an online restaurant training platform that is perfect for restaurants, breweries, cafes, and others in the hospitality industry.  Create modules in minutes, and publish them to some or all of your staff with a click of a button.  Our training platform comes standard with all BarSight subscriptions, so register and start your free trial today!

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