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7 Reasons to Choose Online Employee Scheduling Software

Time is money, and nothing wastes time like outdated restaurant scheduling. It's a headache to manage employee schedules by hand, which is why we recommend online restaurant scheduling software. You can create and edit your weekly employee schedule from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone - no more paper and pen! With all the data right at your fingertips, you will notice right away if an employee requests time off, is unavailable to work a shift, or if you've scheduled them to work overtime. Let's take a quick look at why using BarSight Restaurant Systems will save you hours of work a week, and keep your labor costs down.

Employee Availability

BarSight knows your employees' availability, if they like working day shifts or night shifts on particular days, or if they just aren't available to come in. If you schedule an employee outside their approved availability, BarSight will notify you right there as you are creating the schedule. You can then decide to have them scheduled or find somebody else to work that shift, before zero-hour crisis mode hits.

Scheduling Conflicts

If you're using paper employee scheduling, it's easy to overlook a conflict between a single employee with 2 roles. Say you've got one employee who is a Bartender and a Supervisor, BarSight will let you know if you've double scheduled that employee with overlapping shifts. You will then be able to adjust the schedule and avoid gaps in your restaurant coverage.

Accidental Overtime

Did you accidentally schedule an employee for twice the hours they were approved for? If it's too late to unschedule them and there is no coverage, then congratulations: your restaurant just went over-time. And nobody wants that! BarSight will keep track of all scheduled shift lengths so if somebody gets assigned a shift longer than their approved hours, you'll know before it's too late.

Easy Shift Trades

No matter how perfect your schedule is, it is inevitable that your employees will want changes. When employees submit shift trades, BarSight will let you know immediately. You can see the request and approve it on the spot, or deny it if that schedule just isn't going to work for your restaurant.

Automatic Sales Forecasting

Knowing how much your restaurant sold in the past, and forecasting for the future is how you can keep your scheduling budget under control. With BarSight restaurant scheduling software, you will get a breakdown of your restaurant sales history and automatic revenue forecasts. You will instantly see a budget for each day on the schedule to forecast what impact your staffing changes have on your profit margins.

Unlimited Schedule Templates

Have a few different types of schedules depending on the weather (patio season!), or sports games, or other factors? BarSight allows you to save and recall as many schedule templates as you want. You'll be able to switch them out and create a new schedule in seconds, all from right inside the restaurant management software.

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Schedule Anywhere

Our restaurant scheduling system is mobile-friendly so you can manage your employees' schedules on the go! Create and edit restaurant employee shifts anytime, anywhere using BarSight's web app for the phones, or on your desktop with a browser.

BarSight is designed by restaurant people for restaurant owners who want software built to increase profit margins. If you are looking for restaurant scheduling software that is flexible and easy to use then consider BarSight restaurant management software.  Register today for a free 30 day trial.

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