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Yearly Brewery Cleaning Tasks

Created by Gorman & Smith Beverage Equipment

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Yearly Brewery Cleaning Tasks Template

Yearly Cleaning Tasks

These tasks are only provided to be general in nature, and you should always read and follow the specific manufacturer's directions for the equipment that you have in your brewery.

Replace Process Gaskets

Replace all gaskets to reduce the chances of a blown gasket, or cross-contamination due to small cracks.

Inspect Valve Seats

Remove and disassemble valves, inspecting the valve seats for any damage or signs of wear.  Replace if necessary, using a bucket of hot water to soften up the new valve seat to make reassembly easier.

Clean Pump Seals

Dissemble pump and clean seals, replacing any damaged seals.

Inspect Malt Mill

Verify malt mill tolerances are in spec, and check for any damage.

Get Equipment Professionally Serviced

Call in a technician for annual servicing of your brewery equipment to handle things that are out of the scope of normal brewery cleaning operations.  This includes your:

  • Boiler

  • Glycol Chiller

  • Air Compressor

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