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Dress Code

Created by BarSight Restaurant Systems

Need a dress code policy for your restaurant? This dress code template can be downloaded into your account and used a starting point to inform your employees on how to dress in a professional and consistent manner.

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This template is free to download, view, and can be instantly imported onto your BarSight account. Once you click the import button, you will be redirected to the manage training module page, where you can view and edit this training module to suit your needs.

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Dress Code Template

Our dress code policy is designed to provide a consistent professional appearance to our customers. This policy is also designed to prevent any hazards that may occur from wearing unsafe or inappropriate attire.

All employees are expected to wear appropriate clothing during work hours.

Our basic guidelines are outlined in the following pages.

Front of House

Clean, black, well fitting, short sleeve (T-shirts) or long sleeve shirts, with no logos are acceptable.

Clean black dress pants or skirts (not shorter then 2 inches above the knee) can be worn. Khakis, booty shorts and yoga pants are not acceptable.

Nails should be kept trimmed and clean, and no jewellery is allowed except for earrings (one per ear) and wedding bands.

Hairstyles must be neat and clean, and make-up should be applied only in moderation.

Footwear should be black, non-slip, and fully cover the toenails (no sandals).

Employees may not wear any form of hat inside the restaurant unless they have been given permission by management.

Back of House

Our BOH staff will be provided uniforms to wear, and will only be required to bring appropriate footwear. Black, non-slip, flat soled shoes are mandatory.

Nails should be kept trimmed and clean, and no jewellery is allowed except for earrings (one per ear). Wedding bands should be removed or gloves must be worn.

Hair must be kept clean and tidy, and may require a hairnet. Make-up should be applied only in moderation.

All Employees

Employees should not wear perfume or cologne to work, as some customers or coworkers may have a sensitivity to strong scents.

In addition to wearing proper attire during work hours, employees should also maintain good personal hygiene. This includes if employees have a cold or other illness, they should stay home until they feel better.

Personal Clothing and Bags

You may wear clothing of your choice into work, and use the change rooms in the back to get into your uniform. If you bring a purse or bag, they must be stored in the back (preferably in lockers, if available) and not at your work station.


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