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See How Easy it is to Manage Your Hotel Staff with BarSight

We're not just scheduling software for restaurants, BarSight can help business across all the hospitality industries. If you are struggling with keeping your labor costs down, employee time off requests, and time consuming data entry, register for a free trial with BarSight and start seeing how easy it can be.

Hotel Scheduling Software in the Cloud

Forget pen and paper, or complicated excel spreadsheets. BarSights employee scheduling software is done all online, from anywhere with an internet connection. That means your staff are able to login (with our free app for iOS and Android mobile devices!), check their work schedules, request to swap shifts with each other, and request time of with just a few clicks from their mobile device.

BarSight can help you reduce labor costs by showing you overtime warnings, and let you know when you've scheduled outside and employees availability or within a time off request. Thus reducing pleading with staff to work overtime, or those last minute panic call-ins for anybody with a pulse to cover a shift.

If available in your area, BarSight will update the estimated labor costs throughout the scheduling process. Giving you a better idea on how much the current schedule is going to cost you. Take it a step further, and integrate with Square to get average daily sales data combined with labor percentages.

As you build your weekly employee schedule, you'll be able to see where the gaps are in your shift schedule, which will make it easier for hiring seasonal employees. BarSight also allows for a hotel employee to have multiple roles (with different rates of pay) all under their same account. We know that just like in the hospitality industry, your employees will wear many hats. So you can create a shift with them starting out as a cleaner, and then moving to the front desk for the end of their shift, if that is what they are cross trained to do!


Hotel Employee Training

Speaking of cross training, how do you ensure all your hotel staff are on the same page when it comes to their roles? With BarSights Employee Training Editor, you can create modules for your employees to complete. Design modules with best practices, quizzes on menu items from the restaurant, anything you want to make sure your hotel staff are fully trained.

Adapt Easily to Employee Schedule Changes

Instead of dealing with scraps of paper left under you door, or notes written on coasters from your hotel employees. You can manage your employee availability requests, vacation requests, and approve or deny shift trades all from BarSight. If your employees have our mobile app installed, they will get push notifications immediately with the updated status of their request. You'll spend less time managing these requests, and your employees will see they'll be dealt with in real time, so its a win-win.

Keep Accurate Records with Manager Communication LogBooks

Our easy to use, simple drag and drop style, manager logbook editor can create powerful forms for you, or your hotel supervisors to fill out. Record events such as Daily Events, Guest Satisfaction, or Injury Reports and have those reports emailed to your management team either immediately, or on a schedule. These entries increase communication between your management team, and your hotel employees, especially during shift changeovers.

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Manage Multiple Locations

Our system is designed for franchise owners, so with BarSight, you'll have the ability to create accounts for multiple locations and manage them all in one spot! No longer will you have to hop from one account to another, and try to remember multiple accounts and passwords.

BarSight is the perfect solution for busy hotel managers who want to save time and money. With our easy-to-use scheduling software, you can create schedules that adapt to changes easily, keep accurate records with logbooks, and manage multiple locations from one account


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