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Policies and Procedures

Created by BarSight Restaurant Systems

Download and edit this standard policy and procedure template to fit your needs for your restaurant staff to view. This is an example of what you could use in your own establishment or use as a guide when writing a new procedure for your business.

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Policies and Procedures Template

About This Manual

Our company's policies and procedures are designed to create a safe, clean and friendly environment for our customers, employees and business. We consider food safety, customer relations, and cleanliness as the core of our business.  By completing this training manual, you agree to follow these procedures and policies to the best of your ability.

About Us

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Customer Service

Customer service is the key to our success. Customer service is more than just a smile, it is the foundation of our business and the way we show our customers that we care.  All staff will:

  • Treat all our customers with respect and courtesy
  • Be professional with all interactions.
  • Listen to what our customers have to say
  • Follow through with customer requests, otherwise promptly notify the customer if a request cannot be fulfilled.

Customer satisfaction is an essential component of our restaurants' success because it has been proven that happy customers are loyal patrons who return often, tell their friends about their experience, and recommend us to others as well.


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Asking For ID

Our policy is to ask for 2 pieces of ID from patrons ordering any alcoholic beverages that appear to be under 30.  Ensure one piece of ID is a government issued card with a name, picture, signature, and date of birth (such as a drivers license or status card), and another corresponding ID with name and signature. Failure to do so may result in fines to the owners and you, the server.  You might also be subject to suspension or have your employment terminated.

Shift Scheduling

Our schedule runs from Monday - Sunday and the schedule will generally be posted at least a week before.


[ Enter your dates of payroll and when employee can be expected to be paid ]

Time Off Requests

Requests for time off must be made at least 2 weeks in advance and will be considered on a first come first served basis with your managers discretion.

Food safety is everyone's responsibility. The importance of cleanliness, proper storage procedures and safe food handling cannot be stressed enough. We have outlined a few key points that must be followed to ensure that you are doing everything possible to keep our customers safe from harmful bacteria. All employees must be trained in proper food handling procedures at all times.

  • Food Handlers: You are responsible for ensuring that your hands are washed before touching any food products, after using the restroom and before or after taking a break. You should also wash your hands immediately if they come into contact with raw meat or juices while working on other tasks such as setting tables or stocking shelves.
  • Employees may be required or choose to wear gloves when handling potentially hazardous foods such as raw eggs or meat. Gloves should be changed frequently when preparing items to prevent cross-contamination between products.
  • Keep personal items (such as backpacks, purses, spare clothes) away from food prep areas and table surfaces.
  • Follow standard food storage procedures, this includes proper labeling and dating food that is to be stored in the fridge or freezer.  Follow FIFO (first-in-first-out) procedure and throw out any food that has been stored past its use by date.
    • Standard Refrigerator Storage Limits
      • Raw Beef and Pork - 4 days
      • Raw Chicken - 3 days
      • Ground Beef - 2 days
      • Shellfish - 24 hours
    • Standard Freezer Storage Limits
      • Raw Beef and Pork - 12 months
      • Raw Chicken - 6 months
      • Ground Beef - 3 months
      • Shellfish - 4 months

Source: Canadian Safe Food Storage Tips


All employees are responsible for their cleanliness of their workstation, and helping out others when needed.  We work as a team to keep this restaurant going. 

Each station will have its own shut down procedures to follow, but generally before the end of the day you will:

  • Wipe down table surfaces
  • Wipe down any handles, knobs, switches
  • Empty trash bin / recycling
  • Ensure there is no food, garnishes (eg. lemon wedges), etc left out

Equipment Maintenance

Employees will be responsible for keeping the equipment in their station in good working order.  Follow manufacturer instructions for starting up, regular in service use, and shutting down equipment properly.  If any defects are noted, employees are to report these issues immediately to the supervisor or manager on duty.

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