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Restaurant Communication Tool

Communication is key to running a business. Make sure everyone is in the loop with BarSight.


Team Messages

With BarSight you can send messages to your staff to keep everyone up-to date on the latest news. Messages can either be open-ended, allowing replies from your team to have an open conversation, or locked if you just want to send a memo for staff to just be able to read. All replies in open-ended messages are visible to all recipients, think of it like a group chat!

Sending Messages

Only staff with Full Access can send messages to multiple staff members, and groups (roles / departments / all). The employees that have Basic Access will only be able to send 1 on 1 messages to other staff.

  • BarSight Restaurant Systems - Employee Messages Click on New Message to create a new message.
  • Depending on your access, you'll be able to choose from the dropdown to send a message to All Employees, groups defiend by their roles or departments, or just send a one on one message.
  • If you don't want the receipients to be able to reply to this message, click the checkbox for Lock Thread.

Read Receipts

When viewing a message, you can click on each message to see who's viewed it.

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